Start of something new

Start of something new

Hello and welcome to Full of Bookish Wonder! I’m very excited to have started this blog and cannot wait to start sharing my thoughts on what I’ve been reading, as well as interact with other bookworms!

I first joined Goodreads a couple of years ago and it quickly became my new favourite website. It made the experience of reading so much more interesting; being able to log all the books I’ve read and getting to see all the latest stuff my friends were reading- for a bookworm it was the perfect site. It wasn’t long before I found myself making more and more use of the review system they had in place. I was very much guilty of sneaking away from my uni work to scribble down a few ideas about what I’d like to say for my latest book review. Even my mum would sometimes just peer over at me, busily typing away and knowingly ask, “book review?”

So book reviews were kind of starting to be my thing.

My earlier reviews on Goodreads weren’t the best (haha I hope they’ve improved since) but the more I wrote, the more I realised that I loved being able to just talk about books and explore the journey they took me on.

So why not create a book blog?

My friend had long ago suggested this idea to me but the thought of not having anything creative or original to say always prevented me from actually doing anything. But then I realised hey, it’s all about expressing what I adore, and being able to connect with others who too, share the same love for reading. So here I am, to just enjoy what I love. Hopefully this blog is a reflection of that, and that others are able to enjoy it too.

Happy reading!



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