Review: Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes

Review: Frozen Tides by Morgan Rhodes


Series: Fallen Kingdoms #4

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy

Main themes: Magic, Power, Personal Growth, Society

Rating: 4 stars

Frozen Tides is the fourth installment of the Falling Kingdom series by Morgan Rhodes and the struggle for power continues as we see everyone pursue their quest of obtaining the Kindred. New alliances are made and love develops amongst characters but relationships are shattered and hatred burns strong within the hearts of many. As always, Rhodes takes readers on a dramatic journey full of unexpected twists and shock developments.

I’d say one of the most interesting developments to this story was learning more about the Kraeshian empire. Kraeshia is described as the epitome of beauty but the relations between Amara and her family are not so rosy. In a heavily patriarchal society, Amara isn’t valued even by her closest family and struggles with the constant rejection from her father. Knowing this and becoming more aware of Amara’s emotions and thoughts gave her character more depth and puts a lot of her actions and motives into perspective. I would have felt sorry for her had she not made such unforgivable choices in this book though (okay but mostly because of what she did to Ashur in the previous book… it’ll be a while before I let go of that one).

Cleo still reigns as my favourite character as she constantly shows how strong, courageous and kind she is. I also really love her ongoing character development. She’s wonderful and in this book her competence to be queen becomes very apparent. If there’s one character I’m rooting for, it’s definitely her. Magnus too, I think in this book he shows how much of a good king he’ll become. I also really like how more of his caring nature is shown; through getting to know and understand Magnus more I’ve really  grown to like his character. We’ve come a long way since the first book!

Another character who I’ve come to really like is Felix, the assassin whom befriended and worked with Jonas in the previous book. Even though he decided to change sides and resort to his old ways, I still enjoyed his character. He’s one of those guys who claims to be no good whatsoever when really, they’re sweet, funny and good at heart which is humorously (and cutely) demonstrated by the part where despite his protests, he ends up saving a kitten stuck in a tree.

Overall, I really enjoyed Frozen Tides. Every character has their own distinct story and readers are able to explore them all in depth. Rhodes is skilled in ensuring all the different point of views compliment each other and are in no way too complex to follow, everything is structured perfectly. The story was well paced and it felt like it was the build up for the sequel, where everything will be kicking off. The only thing I didn’t really like was how the last chapter ended, because of the very last shock that was revealed to the readers. I think there was already enough surprises and so this last one was kind of overkill. Nonetheless I’m still ready for more action from the Falling Kingdom characters and cannot wait for Crystal Storm, out 13th December 2016!


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