Book Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas

Book Review: Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas


Series: Throne of Glass #3

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, 

Main themes:  Personal Growth, Loss, Magic

Rating: 4 stars (I think it’s more of a 4.5!) 

Celaena Sardothien has arrived in Wendlyn with the intent of finding out as much as she can regarding the mysterious Wyrdkeys, all in hope of gaining the upper hand on the tyrant King of Adarlan. She knows that there’s only one person who can give her all the answers she desires: the chilling Fae-Queen, Maeve. But before she can get anywhere, Celaena’s continuously challenged and pushed to reach into the depths of her soul to accomplish the unbearable, and face the unspeakable.

From above, you can kind of see that this novel takes Celaena to a lot of dark places, and honestly it was so sad to see what light she had left go out completely. But the fact that she was able to rekindle the fire within her, it sent out such an important message; one of hope and survival because even after all the darkness and despair, it’s possible to no longer be afraid.  

In fact, a lot of this book was about Celaena growing and moving on from things she had either been running away from, or things that had become too heavy for her heart to carry. It’s a really long, gradual development and there were so many times when I thought that Celaena was never going to overcome the state of depression and grief that had knocked her down completely. But when you finally learn of everything that happened to Celaena, all the loss she’s experienced throughout her young lifetime, everything just makes sense. Seeing Celaena grow into the person she does at the end of this book though, this is what makes that journey a hundred times more moving and admirable. And so, my favourite thing about this book would probably have to be the development of Celaena’s character- watching her journey from rock bottom to the survivor who is able to burn brightly  was just a brilliant experience.

I also loved the introduction of the new characters, one of my unapologetic favourites being Manon. In this universe, witches are portrayed in a negative light and are to be feared, but I can’t help but like Manon Blackbeak. As one of the highest ranked witches of the Ironteeth clans, Manon is a deadly and powerful being who you do not want to cross. But her relationship with Abraxos, born out of bravery and affinity, was undeniably stirring and impressive. They make a formidable team that’s humorous and true-hearted in their own way, so they were hard not to like! I’m also liking the unexpected choices Manon’s been making in favour of following what she feels compelled to do. I hope she continues down this path!

I also loved Luca and Emrys and Rownan of course, even if at first I was adamant on never liking him in the beginning. I also really loved Aedion- he was such a gem. There’s so much I want to say about him but a lot of it is spoilery so what I will say is that I love Aedion’s values, and his heart. I hope I‘ll be seeing way more of him in Queen of Shadows!

So overall, Heir of Fire was fantastic. The development of Celaena’s character was beautiful and empowering, and the introduction of all the new characters really added depth to the plot, and took the story to another level. The pacing was perfect and there were a lot of beautiful passages, all of which reflected Maas’s fantastic ability as a writer. It’s emotional and riveting and all in all, a great novel!

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