Bookish Habits

Bookish Habits

I’m hoping that these habits aren’t as unconventional as I fear they might be… It would be great to know if there are a few of you out there who also do the same (sometimes silly) things as me when it comes to books!

#1 Looking up every unfamiliar word

Whenever I read, I like to have my phone handy so that I can Google any words I don’t understand. Sometimes I’ll ask whoever’s around but if I don’t find out the meaning then I find it really hard to progress with the book. Even if it’s easy to guess what the word means, I like to know it’s proper definition because it stops me from worrying about whether I’ve misinterpreted something, or whether I’ve missed out on what the author was trying to say.

#2 Wanting all my physical copies from the same author to be in the same format 

This is a strange one! So a lot of people like all the books from a series to be in the same format, so all paperback, or all hardback, right? Well for some or no reason I go a step further and want all the books from the same author to be all paperback or all hardback.

A great example would be Cassandra Clare’s recent release of An Illustrated History of Notable Shadowhunters and Denizens of Downworld. At first it was only available in hardback, and I held off  from buying that absolutely beautiful copy  all because the thought of it being the only hardback among 13 other Cassandra Clare paperbacks was just too much for me. It’s not even a novel so I shouldn’t even be that bothered by it!

#3 Wanting all the books from the same author to be similar in style

Books tend to be similar in style if they’re written by the same author e.g. with Jandy Nelson, she released editions of I’ll Give You the Sun, and The Sky is Everywhere where theIMG_20170305_181714_454 covers were both bold and bright in colour, with cursive handwriting and simple drawings. So because books tend to have more than one edition,  I will go out of my way to make sure that I end up buying the edition that’s similar to the other(s) I already own. Again, sometimes I’ll miss out on beautiful copies because there are times when new ones get released and they look incredibly amazing. 

#4 Downloading too many free e-books

Is anyone else guilty of downloading too many e-books just because they have a remotely interesting storyline… and because they’re free? It always starts off so well- you’re no longer spending too much money on books, you’re discovering new authors, you’re reading something different from your usual genre. But then it all goes downhill when one day you have a flick through your library and you see rows and rows of books you have no recollection of ever downloading. It’s an endless cycle that I can’t get out of because the chance of finding a book that I might end up loving is too good to pass up. *sigh*

#5 Leaving a book if I get to a part which is extremely cringey or embarrassing

I deal better with my own embarrassment than the embarrassment of others so whenever I come across a passage which is super awkward, I always have to take a break from the book! It will be a good few hours before I can cope with ploughing through the rest of the character’s cringeworthy ordeal. I know for some people that makes them want to read on more than anything, or you know, most would need just a moment to compose themselves before carrying on, but nope, not me. Is it any wonder I’m such a slow reader? 

#6 Automatically packing a book whenever I go out 

Even if I know I won’t get to spend much time reading a book, I’ll still bring it along with me because it’s basically a necessity 😉 House key, bus pass, purse, book/ kindle and I’m all good to go.

And that concludes my bookish habits! I hope you enjoyed them and hopefully could relate to one or two of them 🙂


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