Book Review: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

Book Review: Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas


Series: Throne of Glass #4

Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy,

Main themes: Magic, Love, War, Personal Growth

Rating: 5 stars

When I’d finally decided to read Queen of Shadows, it had been more than a year since I’d last read Heir of Fire. I was a little worried about trying to get back into the Throne of Glass world in case I’d forgotten key parts of the story but honestly I felt like I was returning home with this book! I forgot how much I adored this world and its characters. 

In this book, Aelin Galathynius returns to Adarlan, and embarks on a dangerous mission where she must risk her life in order to save her friends and family, and bring down the King of Adarlan. We also follow Manon Blackbeak, who’s ability as Wing Clan leader is truly put to the test by the secretive errands and questionable decisions she’s forced to make. Queen of Shadows reaches new heights in this incredibly action packed series.

I loved Queen of Shadows!! It was 656 pages of pure brilliance that had me shook. The progression of the story was fantastic and the plot had so much depth; everything interwove so perfectly that there was never a dull moment. The book mainly switches between the lives of Aelin and Manon, whose paths are so connected that we actually see the two ladies crossing paths (a true bonus).

So… Aelin Galathynius! A true queen, she is an actual shining star. Aelin was not messing around in this book- we see how she continues to blossom into her rightful role of Queen of Terrasen as she makes incredibly mature and clever decisions, and does everything in the interest of her family and country which is where her heart truly lies. Celaena Sardothien also makes a return as Aelin hopes to tie up some loose ends with her former mentor, Arobynn. I found the scenes with Arobynn to be utterly nerve wracking, purely because this man is always one step ahead of everyone, and just cannot be trusted.

My favourite part however was when Aelin visited Sam’s grave. It was such a pure, humble scene amongst all the madness that was going on in her life. It allowed readers to yet again, see a part of Aelin that had been tucked away from the world and in that moment, I loved and respected her more than I had before. 

And now for my other star, Manon! In my last review, I spoke of Manon being my unapologetic favourite but now, I hail her as an absolute queen. I’ve always liked that whilst she was respectful and loyal to the customs of her clan, Manon just could not be contained by anyone or anything. She always followed her gut, and she was always fearless with her decisions. She’s a very unapologetic character, and I really love that about her. She brings such an intense energy to the book, and honestly she’s such an asset to the series. Where can I sign up for a spin off series that focuses on the lives of Manon and her Thirteen?

Okay so whilst this review was mostly just me gushing about Aelin and Manon, I’d like anyone reading to just take away with them that Queen of Shadows was amazing! It’s my favourite book of the series so far- there’s literally nothing that could have made it better- it was such an incredible reading experience; the action, humour, twists… it was just all incredible. And it’s no exaggeration when I say everything happens in this book! It’s well worth the read. I loved it and look forward to Empire of Storm!

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